About VPS

Virtual Private Systems (short VPS) is an operating system level virtualization implementation for the FreeBSD operating system.
See Wikipedia article for an explanation of OS level virtualization and a comparison of different virtualization types.

As of 2014-01-15 VPS is feature-complete and in beta status. See Roadmap.

Potential use cases are:

  • High availability
  • Virtual servers can be (automatically) restored from snapshots in seconds.
    For hardware maintenance, the virtual servers can be live-migrated to another physical host, not losing a single TCP connection.

  • Server consolidation
  • Many virtual servers can be put on a few physical hosts, allowing much better hardware utilization. In case resources get short, virtual servers can be live-migrated to new physical hosts.

  • Mass hosting
  • Very many (dozens to hundreds) virtual servers can be put on one physical host and therefore be provided to customers very cheaply.

  • Separation of services
  • Security can be increased by separating services and putting them into dedicated virtual servers.

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